Explore potential places to rent property in Istanbul


Why rent property in Istanbul?

Not the capital of modern Turkey, Istanbul under the name Constantinople served as the capital to the Ottoman Empire.

  • Istanbul is the most populated city of Turkey. As more people live here, more people tend to rent property in Istanbul.
  • The city has well adapted the modern way of living at the time, preserves its age-old heritages.
  • Istanbul is the historic, cultural, and economic hub of Turkey.
  • Being an economic hub, Istanbul lures people under its roof with the amazing job and educational prospects that make people look for long term rentals.
  • The architecture and historical sites surely attract a horde of tourists. Thus, for the stay turkey has dished out some cheap property for rent.
  • Medical tourism has also seen a boom, and that invites many medical tourists every year into the land of Istanbul.
  • Istanbul has in store some amazing food, enough to make you go gaga over it.
  • Being the principal seaport of Turkey, the land sees a whirlpool people looking for rentals to stay for short term.

Now, Istanbul is not a small Province in turkey. Istanbul has beautiful districts, villages, and towns that house theatrical mountains and glistening sea beaches. You can read about some of the towns you can choose to rent property in Istanbul.

  1. Silivri- a beautiful city district to cheap property rental in Istanbul

Lying along the Sea of Marmara, Silivri is just around the corner from the urban center of the city of Istanbul. Silivri serves as a small getaway for city people, thus it attracts a lot of attention to its cheap rentals around Istanbul. Laden with natural harbours and well-developed roads, it has attracted people for jobs, and its high schools tend to the young students with their keenest care. Not only settlement but Silivri with attractions like Silivri Castle has been a favorite tourist destination as well.

  1. Sile

A district in Istanbul province, Sile consists of 2 sub-districts and 58 villages. The main attractions of the district are its mesmerizing beaches. Sile has an island that houses a 19th-century Genoese castle, the Sile Castle. Sile, famous for its unique cotton fabric, hosts a fair to sell the cotton every year. For this, the district encourages to rent property in Istanbul for its guests.

  1. Catalca

This rural district lies in between the ridge of the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. The inhabitants are mostly farmers or tourists. Naturally, you will find many rentals in this district as well. Catalca has been serving its visitors with lush green forest hiking trails. You can plan a small vacation with your family and spend some quiet days away from the hustle of the bubbling city life. You can treat your eyes to the view of the gently mounting hills on the horizon.

  1. Kemerburgaz

This historic settlement of Kemerburgaz is situated to the southwest of Belgrad Forest. Originally named Pyrgos, the city got its name Kemerburgaz when new waterways were constructed by the famous Mimar Sinan. The city well connected with transportations has seen a rise in rentals recently.

  1. Fatih

A great choice to rent property in Istanbul, Fatih is a capital district that embraces the metropolitan municipality, police headquarters, tax office and the governor's office. The cosmopolitan approach of the city has made it a ground for settlements and tourists visit here for the beauty it holds.

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