How To Give Property For Rent In Antalya Turkey?


Do you want to join the growing number of investors and give rent property in antalya? Turkey has become a lucrative investment destination for property investors in the last decade. However, as a landlord, you need to stay updated with the tenancy laws in Turkey. There are many options for managing property in Turkey. As a foreigner, you can choose to stay in your home country and employ an agent to manage the affairs. You can also stay in Turkey and manage property rentals. This blog will try to solve all the riddles to give rent property in antalya.

Legal Options ToKeep In Mind While Renting Out Your Property In Antalya

Rental prices in Turkey vary greatly and fluctuates according to the tourist season. Most property owners enter into a long-term contract like in western countries. In this case, you should visit a solicitor and draw up a contract. This contract should be notarized and accepted by both parties. Rental income depends on the type of property and location. For example, rent property in antalya the sea coast fetches greater incomes than in highlands. Also, if you are a villa owner you will likely receive better income. You should also accept rent via bank transfer only for legalizing transactions. Most renters in Turkey accept a month's pay in advance.

Short Term Property For Rent In Antalya

The Turkish government has amended the Identity Declaration Law. Now everyone using their home as rentals must register and declare their rents beforehand. It is a move to curb the rising menace of terrorism. These legal provisions are essential while renting out your property in Antalya for the short term. The local police station will conduct background checks and speak to the tenants. If you are renting out a property as a management company you should submit a copy of identification. You should also remember to declare incomes for long- or short-term rentals. If you are a company and signed the declaration form you can claim relaxations. Utilities like electricity, water, and the internet can be claimed as tax exemptions. There is a full-length guide available for assisting foreign landlords but you can also hire an accountant to complete the process for you.

Other Factors to Consider While property for rent in Antalya

Location and marketing are two crucial tools that play a decisive role for property rentals in Antalya. There are many cheap apartments in Antalya for rent so marketing is the trump card here. If you are planning to give your apartment/villa as a holiday rental use website that offers free advertising. Use local social media groups to inform you that your property is available for rent. There are thousands of marketing techniques for giving out the rent property in antalya.

Location Plays A Crucial Role for landlords

If you planning to buy property in Turkey pay close attention to popular tourist areas. Some places have a proven record of fetching better rentals in Antalya. Apart from the main city center, you can explore smaller resort areas like Kemer, Kalkan,and Belek

Consider Using Rental Management Company For renting out your property in Antalya

If you are not a permanent resident of Turkey you can consider using the services of rental management agencies. Many excellent rental companies manage the rent property in antalya. Scrutinize before hiring any company and discuss the commission in advance. The rates vary for monthly rentals to long-term contracts. Turkey is a profitable investment destination looking to rent out properties. Consider all the aspects and making the best property rental decision that will generate the best income for you.

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