Impact Of COVID-19 On Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey


Offering A New Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate In Istanbul Turkey

The dual forks of sales pressure and contraction in demand have considerably lowered real estate prices in Istanbul. Construction companies are also facing an acute liquidity crisis due to negative returns on investment. So, investors with high liquidity will have the best opportunity for buying commercial real estate in Istanbul turkey.

Exchange rates have also plummeted considerably due to the impact of COVID-19. When you add the liquidity to the seller, it presents a price advantage of almost 20-25%.

Opportunities for Investing in Commercial Real Estate Istanbul When Flights Are Suspended

The online real estate business has witnessed a steady growth in these uncertain times. Many real estate developers are using telephone property searches and virtual tours to sell lucrative deals to investors. This will help you to find commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey without physically visiting the location. Video touring will also enable buyers to view the location to a 360 virtual tour. It will enable safe and seamless communication between investors and sellers.

This approach will also enable us to view the latest properties at their targeted locations. It will speed up the international market and will be a giant leap in the digital era.

Look out for Discounts For Investing In Commercial Real Estate Istanbul

According to the latest commercial real estate news Istanbul, the impact of COVID-19 has slowed down the market. So, sellers are offering huge discounts apart from the standard services. New projects are offering modern automated apartments with the latest architectural solutions. These discounts are an incentive for lifting the property development picture during COVID-19.

You can contact specialist local Istanbul area agents for getting the properties without physically visiting the city. The agents are offering location advantage, investment options, and the latest facilities.

Important to Make Tailored Decision for Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey

Real estate leaders in Turkey are using the current analytics to assess situations and generate targeted data. This impact will help to make customized decisions for rental properties in Istanbul. A set of clear protocols aimed at winning buyers are changing the commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey during COVID-19.

The Immediate Challenge for Investing in Commercial Real Estate Istanbul

The real estate sectors have been hard hit in Istanbul since the outbreak of COVID-19. Many developers are facing construction delays and potentially shrinking returns. Buyers can now look for investment opportunities in less human dense constructions. This includes self-storage facilities, industrial facilities, and data centers. There are many potentials for investment in these sectors. So, diversifying their commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey in these properties can fetch good prices for buyers.

So, don’t let the COVID-19 crisis deter you from investing in Istanbul. Use the online channels and diversify your portfolio to reap huge benefits.

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