Is it possible to rent property in Istanbul Turkey, for sale? How?


Top 5 tips to get a reliable tenant for the property in Istanbul Turkey for sale

Fix your rate: before everything else, fix your rate. To decide the rate, you are advised to check the market value of your property in Istanbul, Turkey, for sale. Afterward, measure the area of your house you want to rent. Do not forget to include the lawn in front of your house. All these things will help to determine a reasonable rate for the tenant.

Advertisement: An appropriate advertisement can provide you with authentic renters in the town. For this, you can take help of the internet. In this digital era, web portals can give you potential leads. However, if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can publish your advertisement to rent houses for sale in Turkey Istanbul in a local newspaper. Else, you can also ask your neighbors and family members to spread the news to get any relevant information. Apart from everything else, you can also take the help of experienced real estate agents in Turkey.

A rent agreement: Well, this is important. If you wish to rent your property, you must draft a rent agreement to get genuine renters. A rent agreement contains all the details related to your property, for instance, the monthly rate, the term of the lease, the permanent address of the tenant, the details of the security deposit, and so on. Apart from that, make sure you include the dos and don'ts, terms and conditions, maintenance charges, water and electricity expenses, repairing costs, etc. in the rent agreement. In the end, highlight the date of the expiration of the lease along with the clause of extension to rent house for sale in Turkey.

Police verification of the tenant: Police verification of the tenant is important before you handover your property. This step is solely for your safety. If you let any troublemaker live in your property, there is no guarantee that he won't create a further mess at your place. To skip any unwanted hazard, it is a better idea to get the occupant's police verification done as early as possible. In other note, you can follow the guidelines of senior real estate agents in Turkey to rent property in Istanbul Turkey, for sale.

Security deposit: A security deposit is important when you let the renters use your property. With this security amount, you can be assured of a good condition of your property as the tenant vacates it. Else, the security deposit will support you to repair damages and injuries made by the occupants. All in all, this amount offers you security in case the renter runs away without informing you.

In the end, if you are looking for a genuine tenant, make sure you follow the above steps. Otherwise, you may end up facing unpleasant occurrences for the wilful activities of your renter. However, to play it smart, you can talk to the skilled real estate members to get more leads in order to rent property in Istanbul Turkey, for sale.

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