Is Second hand property in Bursa a good retirement choice?


For many retirements are new beginnings. If you belong to the tribe who believe in starting out new after 60, settling in foreign country could sound perfect. If wondering which foreign country could offer the idyllic lifestyle, think Turkey. Amazing prices, easy buying process, affordable payment plans, low cost of living, prospects of secondary income, weather and cosmopolitan vive, makes it the idyllic paradise for retirees alike. Second hand property in Bursa could be the one perfect choice.

Why Bursa is good choice for investment in second hand property?

Price leads the way – The price is the first and foremost factors determining property choices. The same goes true for Bursa, as well. The comparatively low price of properties as compared to other cities in Turkey is fast making it the emerging hub of property markets. Thanks to mass development of projects, even the most expensive projects are within budget. The development in the European with elements of the continents being carried over, it is hardly a change for the retirees from Europe choosing to settle in Bursa. With mid and long term appreciation; Bursa has all the right reasons price wise to choose it is as the second hand property purchase Bursa. The price for two bedroom luxury apartment is as little as $65000. The same for single storey houses could be $3000000. Compared to any big city of Turkey or other countries, this is almost half the price. Now that is a perfect retirement deal.

Bursa offers all kinds of properties

The expansiveness of a property market is also judged by the choice of properties it offers. No inverter likes to go stereotype for property choices. In this respect Bursa scores high. Villas, apartments, I ,2 , 3 4 bedroom, studio apartments, isolate houses and luxury villas are some of the properties option investors can go for. Choose according to budget and requirement. The investment in all prospects will grow in coming times. So even if it is for investment purpose only, they are assured to give you good returns on investment.

Who are the major investors in Bursa?

The property market in Bursa is open to foreigners as to Turkey’s citizens. Low prices and fast paces of development make many Turkish citizens choose the city for real estate investment. Moreover the industrial development of this part of the country is also the reason that many professionals relocate to Bursa from entire Turkey. Buy a property today and you can rent it out almost instantly.

The second of investors are foreign investors. Either looking for second home or just adding on to their real estate profile, investors from Europe and Arab are lining up for properties in Bursa. A small section of investor are from Europe wanting to live a quite retired life is also finding second hand property in Bursa to be perfect. Going by the growing demand, the prices are expected to escalate soon. So if you want to invest this is the right time.

Low living cost of Bursa

Whether you choose to run a small business or just send quite retired life, Bursa fits the bill perfectly also because of very low cost of living as compared to European, USA and Arab countries. Take example of prices of second hand property in Bursa. This helps you fill the economic gap retirement brings and let you enjoy all your money for a convenient life. If enjoying life to the fullest is your retirement motto, then you have all the riches here in Bursa. Perfect climate, friendly people, modern amenities, and proximity to nature, the city ticks all the boxes straight out of stuff drams are made of.

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