Little known secrets about second hand property in Istanbul


Best kind of real estate investment in Turkey? Second hand properties and here is why.

The choice between second hand new built properties is not easy for investors. In a market like Turkey which is so old and yet so new and evolved the comparison of the old and the new is a constant battle. Here the advantages of second hand property Istanbul is being looked upon. In a time when real estate investment is not confided to any country specific or region specific, the prominence of second hand property for foreign investors have increased many folds.

The second hand properties for sale in Istanbul have some distinct advantage over new constructions. Investors must look deeper to find most of these benefits of choosing the best priced second hand properties in Istanbul. The reliable options have been gaining the spotlight and the trend for second hand properties in Istanbul.

Second hand properties are located in prime locations

This is one of the prime reasons why investors are interested in second hand properties. The locations are the real deal maker for these properties. The demand for properties in central districts of the city never goes out of market. Many of these of these properties are located in main business districts. This is reason they are high on the radar of seasoned investors looking for both long term and short term investment options for second hand property in Istanbul.

Second hand properties come with furniture

Most of the time second hand properties are sold along with the furniture. This suits medium range investors looking for rental properties. You can start renting the properties as soon as you get possession. A well furnished property suited to the Turkish lifestyle saves you several dollars. They also suit for investors waning a second home.

  • They have ready paper works

As the second hand properties are pre owned the papers works are ready. The just needs to transfer them in their names to get them cleared. This is reason why many property dealers from foreign countries trust second hand properties. Sometimes advance taxes are also paid. Thus the buyer should have a hassle free experience.

  • Second hand properties are for all budgets

This is other major benefit of second hand property in Istanbul. These homes are available for all kinds of budgets. Investors if not willing to park large sum of money they can opt for smaller second properties which are expected good returns and pleasant rental benefits.

  • Value for money

Second hand properties offer true value for money. Other than buying home which are expensive. Along with the cost of the property the buyer has to pay survey fees, stamp duty, lawyer cost etc. Second hand properties in Istanbul offer true value for money. These properties though not inexpensive, may not be overtly priced. Yet they offer good returns and have high rental values also.

The reasons for buying second hand property in Istanbul are thus well defined. The right choice of property always proves integral for the success of real estate investment.

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