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Here, you will get all the information you should know before investing in the luxury real estate Turkey.

Starting with the basics.....

Why should you invest in luxury real estate Turkey?

Turkey- the city that straddles two continents, is the land of ultramodern homes. The natural view with the luxurious comfort and top-notch amenities- gives you the lifestyle you always desired. The integral part of Turkish architectural geniuses is their love working with landscapes, designs, decor, convenience- leaving no stones unturned to give you the best luxury experience.

Well, even if this is not convincing enough, read this..

  • Owning a property in Turkey brings you the freedom to go on brief holidays any time you want.
  • Owning a property in Turkey for over 5 years allows you to get Turkish citizenship-with tax advantages.
  • Owing to a property in Turkey is nothing more than a profitable investment with a 10% more resale value. You can also rent your property receiving rental yields as high as 8% per annum.

The reasons are bold enough to convince you to invest in luxury real estate in turkey.

How much does the best luxury real estate turkey cost?

Luxury comes with a price-but should be worth it! If you are thinking of investing in real luxury apartments, then expect nothing below 300000 Euros. Sometimes you also come across some gems priced as little as 100,000 Euros, but they are gulped by smart investors as soon as they hit the real estate market.

Another important point to consider about the cost-is the location of the property. The more prestigious the location, the higher the cost. Whatever may be the case, luxury real estate is highly profitable yielding high rental income along with tax benefits.

Where can you find the best luxury estate near Turkey?

Kalkan: This low-key area is where you will find luxurious high-end villas in Turkey. The Mediterranean sea facing small beautiful bay with front-facing terrace, pools, the atmosphere- is something to die for! You will fall in love with the beauty and the aura of this area.

Besiktas: Located on the Bosphorous shore, this area nestles some premium properties in Turkey. Neighbouring places like Levent, Bebek, Ortakoy, Etiler also offers luxury estate for investors. Besiktas is known as one of the most expensive areas of Turkey, where the price per square meter is as high as $6044. 

Sariyer: This northern suburb, on the shore of Bosphorous, is another place to get luxury properties in Turkey. Sariyar has some popular neighborhood districts like Tarabya, fashionable Zekeriyokoy, historical mansions, and many more. You will fall in love with the luxury estates in Sariyae with landscaped gardens, top-notch decors, indoor pool, gyms, cafes, and more.

Maçka: Another beautiful location to spot Luxury real estate turkey. From beautiful monasteries to national parks to mosques, this location of Turkey has everything for its investors. You will love the calm and compose atmosphere of this location along with the beautiful luxurious buildings and villas.

These are just a few top notch locations to find your luxury dream property in Turkey. Other than these, places like Kadikoy, Gocek, Sovalya, and more offer scintillating luxurious properties with breathtaking views and exclusive lifestyle.

Final Words

Concluding the decision of investing in luxury real estate Turkey can be challenging- unless you have all the information and documentation.

But once you are through with the process, you will be more than happy to make this investment which guarantees a profit.

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