New Turkey real estate Istanbul-The best place to invest your money


Why should you invest in new Turkey real estate Istanbul?

According to statistics, the real estate market of Turkey has been growing abruptly since 2015 and has been growing ever since. Well, the reason being high capital appreciation and other advantages bestowed by the government on real-estate investors, unlike other Western countries.

Here are a few of the advantages :

  • Turkey’s real estate market is like a sea of property catering to different requirements and needs.
  • Turkey’s favorable visa regime, along with the advantage of getting an easy residence permit.
  • The easy procedure of obtaining properties with little hassle.
  • The beautiful climate, along with a picturesque landscape, fresh delicious fruits, and vegetables available all around the year.

If these are not convincing enough, the next point will surely blow your mind.

  • Investing in Turkey’s real estate earns you a rental income of over 10% annually.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Places to find the best new Turkey real estate Istanbul

Turkey, Istanbul, has 39 districts, with plenty of places, to choose from. Here we have mentioned a few of the places to invest in new Turkey real estate Istanbul. 

  • Belikduzu
  • Gaziomanpasa
  • Kagithane
  • Fikirtepe

These are a few of the comparatively new destinations that are gaining immense popularity for the increase in real estate investment.

Other than these, you can also invest your money in established investment areas like

  • Bomonti
  • Beyoglu
  • Caddebostan
  • Bahcesehir
  • Besiktas and many more....

Advice to investors before investing in the best new Turkey real estate near Istanbul

  • Know your budget

Turkey has an array of properties- from enormous villas to affordable single room flats. Before starting off your investment venture, it’s advisable to start with a budget in mind- it saves a lot of time and energy.

  • Fulfill your purpose of buying

Some buy properties just for putting it on rent and earn rental income while buy properties to settle here permanently. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know the purpose of your investment and also to make sure it fulfills it.

  • Suits your lifestyle choices

Different locations have distinct vibes and atmosphere. For example, a youthful man or woman will always prefer a location that’s happening while elderly people look for places that are quiet and conservative. So choose a destination that suits your lifestyle choices.

  • Adds value to your real estate investment portfolio

Invest in real estate properties that have the potential to give maximum returns with good resale value. Look for places wit good liquidity. Remember, real estate investment is a financial commitment, if approached wisely, can make you tons of money. 

 Final Words

Investing in new Turkey real estate Istanbul is indeed a smart move. From cheap studio apartments to magnificent holiday homes, villas, mansions, and more- Istanbul has a lot on a plate to offer.

Be mindful of your investment and make sure you abide by the real estate rules laid down by the Turkish government. Investing in Istanbul’s real estate is not only expedient, but it’s a step towards a better lifestyle.

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