Points to check while choosing second-hand apartments in Istanbul


Who does not want to own a house and live freely? The process of buying a newly-constructed flat requires a lot of time and money. This is one of the prime reasons why most of us try to settle for second-hand apartments for sale in Istanbul. Although the choice between investing in a new property and a second-hand apartment is mostly subjective, choosing a resale property comes along with its own advantages. It provides the chance to easily settle in your own house in Istanbul cutting down the hassle of paying high rents and shifting your home frequently.

However, it is important to sort out your priorities and consider all the related points before choosing used apartments for sale in Istanbul. Often people get confused amidst conflicting views of people regarding investing in a property which results in faults in decision-making. So, if you too are facing such a dilemma, this article brings you the vital points which you can use as a reference when choosing second-hand apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Selecting an appropriate location

When choosing to own a home in the city, it is important to consider its location. You need to check with the distance of the resale property from the amenities and then make choice for the most ideal one. Your decision should take a number of factors into consideration, which includes: the connectivity of the area, the availability of essential services like schools, colleges, markets, etc., and most importantly, your office.

Consulting Experts for better knowledge

Seeking help from a reputed real estate agent is always a healthy practice. Engaging a professional helps to locate second-hand apartments for sale in Istanbul with much ease. He can help in locating potential sellers and provide necessary guidance regarding the price of the available properties in different areas of the city. Apart from it, you can also learn about your seller in greater detail from the agent. They usually charge a small fee against their service and help their clients with all the paperwork.

Checking for the title of the Resale Property

Hiring experts to get hold of required service is a good move but it is recommended to stay well-informed before choosing a second-hand apartment in Istanbul. You need to establish the title of the seller to know if he is the real owner of the said apartment or just own the power of attorney to make the deal. It is important to go through all the documents and make sure that the property fulfils the conditions for resale. Also, you need to make sure if the property documents are lying mortgaged in custody against any loan taken by the seller.

Valuation of the property

It is important to conduct basic background research to check for the market price of the flat. You can go through the price trends and seek help from the professional for the evaluation of the resale property. Trailing the ROI of the property and checking if it would bring in benefits in the future is also necessary to ensure investing in the right deal. However, it is advised to avoid intermediaries and connect to the owner directly for cutting down extra expenses.

Inspecting the Property Thoroughly

Builders often make fake promises which may result in getting hold of a property that nowhere matches what you were looking for. So, it is important to inspect and know about the property properly before investing. You need to know the age of the second-hand apartments for sale in Istanbul to avoid paying more for an old structure. If there are several problems with its structure and require refurbishing, make sure you get an estimate for the same and then discuss the price of the property.

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