Process Of Buying An Antalya Second-Hand Property


Choosing The Location For Antalya Second-Hand Property

This is the 1st stage for property purchase in Antalya. You need to find a suitable location that aligns with your taste and culture. Antalya being a popular resort destination, is a favorite spot for both Middle Eastern and European buyers. Brand new apartments are looking for their rightful owner and also innumerable cheap antalya second-hand property. However, properties located close to the coast command a higher price than those located in hilly areas.

Conducting An Inspection For Resale Apartments For Sale In Antalya

Once you have located your dream property, it's time to conduct an inspection. You can personally come down to Antalya and inspect with legal aid. But you can also hire a suitable property agent to conclude the process if you are absent. The inspection includes checking the building code, municipal papers, and the deed of the property. A good legal advisor can help you to conduct a thorough inspection of Antalya second-hand property.

Entering Into A Contract For Cheap Antalya Second Hand Property

It’s now time to draw up a contract for purchasing the resale apartment in Antalya. Both the parties should consult a lawyer for concluding this stage properly. The legal counsels would prepare an agreement containing important procedures. It including advance deposits for the holding agreed on the date for signing the contract and the final payment of the property price. A government-appointed notary would be present on the day when the buyer and seller sign the agreement.

Overseeing The Guidelines For Antalya Second-Hand Property

Your appointed counsel then needs to carry out some responsibilities to help you buy resale apartments for sale in Antalya. He would oversee the compilation of legal guidelines. He would also look at the title deeds and habitation licenses. Habitation license is a technical passport for real estate in Antalya that contains important information about the unit. It’s known as Iskan in Turkey and contains floor plan details with indoor infrastructure. Title deeds or TAPU that registers you as an owner of the property.

Receiving The Possession Certificate For Cheap Antalya Second Hand Property

Possession certificate for buying Antalya second-hand property is issued once the contract has been signed and approved by the notary. Sometimes this certificate is just reissued and passed on to the next owner in case of resale properties in Antalya.

Getting Your Keys For Resale Apartments For Sale In Antalya

Once all the formalities are completed, the erstwhile owner hands over the keys of the property. You should check everything beforehand before accepting the keys to the property. Once the key handover is calculated, everything inside the property belongs to you. The earlier owner is not responsible for any disputes arising after the transfer.

Updates About Cheap Antalya Second Hand Property

There is good news for buyers looking to purchase Antalya second hand property. The Turkish government has passed a new law that rules out filing the military application process for properties in 16 provinces in Turkey. That includes Antalya as well. So, you can now buy a cheap second hand property in the beautiful coastal town and have a lovely holiday.

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