Pros and cons of buying a new property in Turkey for sale


Is it smart to purchase a new property in Turkey for sale?

Well, this depends on your credit history, current status, requirements, and other important things. Some will find it beneficial to stay in a rental property; on the other hand, some may demand the ownership of a house. Your family necessity, job status, future goals will figure out if the purchase will be profitable for you or not. Let’s check out the pros and cons of buying a new property in Turkey for sale.


  • Stability and security: There is no doubt that a house offers you stability and security. You can safely settle down to your house without any interruption. Furthermore, your house promises to keep you safe for the lifetime.
  • Freedom: When it is your house, there will be no one to dictate the dos and don’ts. You can do whatever you feel like with your new property in Turkey for sale. With rented cheapest houses in Turkey, you will have zero freedom. You cannot even punch a hole in the wall without permission, and even if you do, you may have to pay for that.
  • It is an investment: After buying a house for sale in Turkey, you can rent it out to have a monthly income.
  • Privacy: Your property offers ultimate privacy. You are free to change the appliances, have pets, and so on.
  • Your property, your rule: It feels really good when you have the ownership of a house. It provides you with a sense of pride and satisfaction.


  • Responsibility: Having a property indicates your responsibility. You will have to pay a good amount of money for maintenance, repair, and renovation purposes. You cannot skip this.
  • No liquid asset: Always remember that your house is no liquid asset. Hence if you need liquid money, you will have to sell the property for the cash. And the process is time taking.
  • Property tax: If you have a property, you don't have to pay rent, but there will be property tax that you will have to pay.
  • Devaluation: You may not get the exact value of your house after 20 years. In other words, it is fruitless to assume that the value of your property will increase.
  • Less mobility: If you are doing a transferable job, then having a property may chain your feet. It will give you less mobility in life.
  • It is expensive: Purchasing a new property in Turkey for sale is more expensive than renting one. Hence, you should buy a property only if you can afford it.
  • Maintenance expenses: You will have to spend on the maintenance of your house. For instance, roof repairing, wall cladding replacement, and more.

Consider the above-mentioned pros and cons before you sign the deal. Purchasing a new property in Turkey for sale is no joking matter. Hence, think twice and step forward to appreciate what seems to benefit you in the future. However, you are free to consult experienced real estate agents for more leads.

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