Reasons to invest on Rent property in Trabzon


Brick and mortar investors looking for investments in Turkey have a reason to cheer. The reason is Trabzon, which is jet speeding towards being an investment hot bed. What propelled this quaint Mediterranean and Aegean holiday destination to suddenly become the toast for investors? The reasons are many that have contributed towards the rise of Trabzon as a coveted destination. Rent property in Trabzon, is among the most shining trends for real estate in Turkey.

The transformation – From being small tourist place to real estate hub

The last five years have been the game changer for Trabzon. This was also the time when Turkey has been in the focal point of international property investors. There are some notable reasons that brought Turkey to focus as listed below.

  • The prices of real estate properties in prominent cities like Istanbul have risen considerably. This has prompted investors to look towards new destinations. Trabzon being one of the most the promising ones, quickly gained prominence.
  • Boost for tourism is also a major reason why rent property in Trabzon, has been gaining on popularity. The trend of tourism in this part has really taken off and the trend is here to stay. Tourist beach side resorts provide a perfect tropical vacation to tourists. Many of them also prefer the region for visiting the Uzungol site. Many investors are cashing in on the bright rental prospects of properties in this north east part of Turkey.

Prices of properties in Trabzon as compared to other parts of Turkey

Owing to the new found status as an investment destination, the prices of properties are still very low. They are particularly suitable for mid- budget investors who want good rental income for their investment. This is reason rental property in Trabzon has been quickly gaining popularity. The rental prospect is good as compared to the value prices of the properties in this region.

The prices of properties in Trabzon are expected to rise in coming times promising good returns on investment. Both second hand new properties have high demand currently. The expected returns on investment are as much as 20 percent. The same trend is also expected for property for rent in Trabzon.

Modernization of properties

Trabzon has been the center of some of the new age construction projects by reputed construction firms. These high rise buildings are fitted with all the modern facilities, modern elevators, security systems, gyms and ample parking. The apartments are single room to bigger ones. No wonder these properties are being looked upon as some of the most prospective investment options.

The villas in this region are mostly old architectural gems. Owners can keep the old world charm of these villas, with minimal renovations here and there. However they can be renovated with minimal cost to fit in the requirements of new age rental properties. They are brilliantly positioned to offer residents the best that Trabzon offers which is scenic natural views and open to the seas. These villas are ideal romantic gateways or warm family stay for some quality family time. Rent property in Trabzon thus fits numerous kinds of vacations tourist come for.

Cultural Similarity as one of the major reasons

Trabzon has a special appeal for investors from GCC countries, and tourists and investors from European nations. Although whole of Turkey is culturally appealing for people from these countries, Trabzon has distinctive cultural similarities. Rent property in Trabzon is sold fast because tourist find the westernized approach to living suitable for long stay holidays. The holiday resorts here are open for the standard European style living with similarities in food habits etc.

Trabzon is thus a complete investment destination in Turkey.

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