Step By Step Guide For Buying Resale Property In Antalya Turkey


Is Buying Resale Property In Antalya Turkey A Good Proposition?

Buying second hand property in Antalya is a good decision considering the surging value of the real estate. Most buyers can’t afford to pay the hefty fees of new properties. But resale property purchase presents many legal complications.

Turkey is a land of scenic beauty and offers an exquisite urbane lifestyle. People from European and Middle Eastern countries are more interested in buying a property in Turkey. They feel more aligned with the culture and maintains an active social life.

Property prices in Turkey have increased substantially in the last decade. Moreover, you will enjoy a better climate, lower cost of living, and a carefree attitude towards life.

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing The Best Resale Property In Turkey

Sometimes clerical errors during buying a second hand property in Antalya causes huge problems. So, it’s essential to check thoroughly before investing in a resale estate in Antalya. There are a few other things you need to check as well which will be shown in the next section.

Unpaid Fees

This is an area in which you need to take extreme care while purchasing a resale house for sale in Antalya. You should check whether the owner has paid the municipal taxes, condominium charges, and cleared all arrears.

Clearing Developer Charges

Most properties in Turkey are bought with loans from banks. So, while purchasing a resale property make sure that the finances have been cleared. Also, make sure that the fees you pay to the developer exceed any outstanding charges.

Take Independent Advice

Also, take advice from legal counsel before purchasing any second hand property in Antalya, Turkey.

Legal Steps To Follow During Purchase Of Resale Property In Antalya Turkey

You also need to follow certain legal steps before buying the best resale property in Antalya Turkey. So, let’s go through them:

  • The owner should produce all the legal documents during property sale
  • While buying a condo remember to ask for the original sales deed and society share certificates
  • Property transfer and registration are also required during the resale property purchase
  • The seller should clear all the pending dues and a receipt should be produced
  •  An assessment bill is required from the local municipality, a xerox property tax, and registration copy
  • In the case of mortgage property, the owner needs to give an undertaking to handover property documents to the buyers. The bank will release the original documents upon transfer along with a NOC

Advantages of Buying Resale Property In Antalya Turkey

You will get immense benefits when you buy a second hand property in Antalya.

  • You will get a renewable residency permit
  • Taxes in Turkey are much lower compared to other western countries
  • Turkey has a freehold property inheritance policy. So, you will be the full owner of your property and your children will enjoy inheritance rights
  • The cost of living in Turkey is affordable than London or Dubai
  • Turkey experiences a mild climate and relatively low seasonal fluctuations

Resale property in Antalya is a good option for most foreign buyers. You will get a ready to move in house with all the amenities. You will also save on taxes and rent.

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