Why buyers are attracted for Second hand property in Trabzon


The little known destination of Trabzon is now a star performer of international property market. No this is any rags to riches story by virtue of any magic spell; Trabzon has earned its fame in property dealing circuit by virtue of multiple boons of investing in this far nestled town of Turkey. Second hand property in Trabzon is booming market still its infancy, with huge potential to grow up to be one of the most coveted brick and mortar investment destinations.

Reasons Trabzon has escalated as coveted real estate destination.

  • Affordable prices- Prices have to be the pivot of real estate market. It is first factor that attracts investors anywhere in the world. Turkey as a whole is an economical property market, baring a few exceptions when compared to property prices in Europe and Middle East countries. Second hand property prices in Trabzon are a leaf out of this story. Low prices are one of the main reasons why Trabzon really took off. The trend is not going to change anytime soon.
  • High exchange rate- The Turkish Lira to dollar exchange is one of the highest ones currently. This means European and USA buyers have to spend really less when compared to the same property in their native countries. The exchange rate is not going to see any major jump in near future. The time is ripe for some excellent bargains for second hand property in Trabzon.
  • The selling prospects – The thirds and one of the most important vertical for any property decision is that of market liquidity. As far as Trabzon is concerned, it ranks among investors, thus you may find a buyer anytime you need some liquid fund. The property market here sees a lot of transactions on per day basis. Finding an international or local is not much of an issue for wise investors.

Some other reasons for choosing second hand property in Trabzon are its scenic location, cultural mix, good food and peaceful surrounding. These factors affect buyers who are looking for as holiday or second home.

Why choose second hand properties in Trabzon?

The reason for choosing second hand properties in Trabzon are a little bit different from anywhere else in Turkey. Curious to know you may make some standard guesses, the real reason is secondhand properties here are not too old.

The story- Buy second hand property in Trabzon is a relatively new phenomenon. In reality the real estate boom in this city set in north east part of Turkey is not as old as the classical destinations like Istanbul. This means even if you are investing in secondhand properties they are not very old structures. They have high resale values and good construction health.

Villas and apartments – Common property trends in Trabzon

Investors are greeted with two very distinct choices in Villas and apartments in Trabzon. Each one has its own specialty and lure for investors.

Villas – The sea view villas with proximity of the rolling mountains, lush greenery and fine weather are too idyllic to deny. The large gardens, swimming pools, open terraces and floor to roof windows to let the balmy sun in, makes them first choices for home owners. They also serve great as holiday homes, so if you like to rent out the property, there is no dearth of takers. 

Apartments- A large chunk of second hand property in Trabzon consist of apartments. The beautiful small apartments to the luxurious ones, the investors can explore a vast range of choices of apartments purely based on their choice, purpose and budget. There is something for every investor in Trabzon.

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