Wondering Can Foreigners Buy Property In Turkey?


Let’s come to the main question “Can foreigners buy property in Turkey”:

To answer your question of “can foreigners buy property Turkey for sale” let us tell you that yes, foreigners can buy property in Turkey. It is not necessary for you to have a residence permit to buy property in the Turkish land. Most of the nationalities are eligible to buy property in Turkey. But, there is a restriction imposed on the nationalities of North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Armenia and Nigeria on buying property in Turkey. Some limitations are also imposed in some of the remaining nationalities.

If you are a foreigner, then you can:

  • Own up to 30 hectares of property outside a military zone
  • Up to 10% of the land within a village or small town

You must know that buying property in Turkey does not grant any foreigner to procure a work or residence permit in the country.

Know the history behind enabling foreigners to buy property in Turkey:

Other nationalities were not permitted the permission to own property in turkey unless Turkish nationals were permitted to own a property in the concerned country until the year 2012. With new law implementations after 2012, property Turkey for sale was opened for citizens of 129 countries.

Though some restrictions still remain, huge relaxations were put forward making the country home to many!

Legal Restrictions on foreigners to buy property I Turkey:

As every country has a set of rules and regulations set for the foreign nationalities, before you go decide to buy property in Turkey, you must be eloquent with the limitations you will face in the legal department.

  • Buying property in security zones is prohibited
  • Your property will be confiscated if you acquisition violates any of the Turkish laws.
  • You will lose the property if the administrations testify that the properties are used in violation of the purpose of purchase
  • if you fail to apply to the relevant Ministry within a specific time if the property is for a project
  • If the projects committed do not actualize within time, you will lose all rights to own the property.

What’s in it for you if you buy property in Turkey?

There are hoards of benefits that you can put to weight before confirming your answer to “can foreigners buy property Turkey for sale

Being a foreigner, it is natural for you to have second thoughts about acquiring a property in a foreign land. Read along to quench your doubts.

  • Investing in real estate always proves to be a smart choice
  • Turkish properties come at incredibly cheap rates
  • There is an array of property in Turkey for sale
  • Your chance to acquire Turkish citizenship becomes easier
  • The cost of living, including medical expenses in Turkey is quite low
  • You will get an amazingly well-connected transportation
  • Ownership rights in Turkey are fittingly easy

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