All you need to know about property for rent in Istanbul


Various ways to get property for rent in Istanbul 

  • Through an Emlak

“Emlak’s" are real-estate agents in Istanbul that keep the real estate market pulsating. You can locate them throughout the city; with their street-front windows covered with pictures of different properties available.

Getting a property through Emlak is surely beneficial where you get to choose from various available options. The downside of hiring an Emlak is- they are expensive and charge an extra commission for their services.

  • Directly from the owner

This is probably one of the easiest and safest way to get a property for rent in Istanbul. Some homeowners want to rent their properties to foreigners only as they know it is on rent and they will get their property back. 

This advantage of this process is- you get well-furnished flats with good amenities without paying any extra charges. The only downside of this process is the restricted number of options to choose from.

  • Through Agencies

Once you book your apartment through agencies, they will take care of your needs in advance. Once you reach the airport, you will be taken directly to your rented property- without the need to worry much.

It has its own set of pros and cons- with the pros being over-dominant!

  • Renting a room/flatsharing

If you are looking for budget-friendly options to get property for rent in Istanbul, there is no better option than this! Renting a room or sharing a flat is much cheaper and flexible.

Just like all other options mentioned above-it has its own set of negatives and positives to consider. 

How long does it take to find a property in Istanbul?

Well, this answer varies according to the budget and requirements. The higher the budget, the sooner you get your rented property and vice versa. 

However, the normal search period varies two weeks to two months or more- depending on the availability. 

How much deposit is required for tethering accommodation?

If you are taking the property directly from the owner or the landlord, the deposit amount is nearly one to two months of lease cost. 

If you are buying it from an agency, then you have to pay some agency commission as well which is equivalent to 10-12% of the whole yearly long-term or short-term rental fee. 

Is there any advice for foreigners looking for rented property in Istanbul?

Anyone who is looking for property for rent near Istanbul, here are a few of the tips to bear in mind.

  • Beware of fake agencies trying to help you with your rented apartments. Do your research and choose the best.
  • You may face a language barrier, so be prepared to deal with the situation.
  • Don’t just hop on any car sent by your agencies.
  • Make your safety and access to public transport your priority.

Final Words

Istanbul is a diverse city with numerous opportunities for everyone. But before taking up any property for rent in Istanbul, there are a lot of factors to be considered - the area, the furnishing, the owner, and many more.... Do your own research beforehand! Remember, using common sense goes a long way in having things go fluently.

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