Buying Second Hand Property In Istanbul Is Now Made Easier


Bargain For The Best Deal When Buying Second Hand Property In Istanbul

The real estate sector in Istanbul is witnessing a steady growth in recent years. But there are some pitfalls to it. Property dealers in Turkey always keep resale property values high for creaming lucrative profits. So when you are analyzing the steps for buying second hand property in Istanbul, never fail to bargain. You can also contact authentic real estate agents who can assist you in the process. These agents will give you a proper real estate listing making your search easier.

You, Will, Get Instance Residence Permit While Buying Second Hand Property In Istanbul For Cheap

The new citizenship laws enacted by the Turkish government is a boon for foreign investors. When you buy a resale or new property in Istanbul worth $250,000, you will get a citizen of Turkey within 5 years. So, you will get all the rights that a Turkish citizen enjoys. You can choose to come and settle in Turkey or manage your resale property from abroad. These benefits provided to first-time buyers has made buying second hand property in Istanbul a big plus.

Affordable Cost Of Living Has Eased The Steps For Buying Second Hand Property In Istanbul

Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city and the cultural hub of Turkey. Spread on both sides of the Bosphorus tunnel, the city has a sprawling urbane center. But, interestingly, property prices and the general cost of living in Istanbul is way cheaper than most European cities. People coming from Middle Eastern & European countries experience a lower cost of living which leads to increased savings.

Ease Of Signing Contracts Is A Boon For Buying Second Hand Property In Istanbul For Cheap

A few years ago, the long-drawn bureaucratic setup was a major hurdle for property purchase in Istanbul. But now the local municipal bodies have fast-tracked the entire process leading to an increase in investments. This has facilitated express contract signing which is loved by foreign buyers. When you are buying second-hand property in Istanbul all formalities will be completed within a few months. This is way faster than most European and Middle Eastern countries.

Simple Procedure To Obtain Working Permit When Buying Second Hand Property In Istanbul For Cheap

Istanbul has lots of job opportunities so people from Middle Eastern regions settle there. If you can afford it’s best to purchase a resale property before settling in Istanbul. The government laws are favored towards foreign buyers and obtaining a work permit is very simple. You would need to show your booking receipt and work papers. This simple procedure has enabled foreigners to work and buy property in Istanbul.

Istanbul is the industrial hub of Turkey and located strategically. So, you should not delay in buying second hand property in Istanbul. Enjoy your life in Istanbul by purchasing a resale property and enjoying the local culture.

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