Istanbul luxury real estate for sale-grab it now!


Where can you buy Istanbul luxury real estate for sale?

  • Bosphorous: The most elite and desirable place to buy a luxury property in Istanbul is along the shores of the Bosphorus. Kings and emperors have fought for centuries to lay their control over this strategic strait between the Marmara and Black Seas.

Most luxury homes along the shores of Bosphorus restores the architecture and feel of old Ottoman mansions. Investing your money on the architectural heritage of Istanbul is like protecting the culture and deal plays around millions of dollars. Along with the culture, the view from Bosphorous premium estate also marks the value of the properties.

  • Kalkan: This place offers an amazing Mediterranean sea view among beautiful mansions and villas. Here the properties start at a minimum budget of 100000 pounds and moves upwards- the higher the price, the higher the luxury. This area is a posh area with classy bars, boutique shops, surreal rooftop restaurants, not to mention beautiful architectural mansions.

The Kalkan town breaks into six districts, each offering something unique to its buyers. This is an area where you cannot restrict the budget for investment. With a mansion in this town, your rental incomes will surely be enough to own an extra one. 

How much do Luxury homes in Istanbul costs?

To get a real luxury property in Istanbul, don’t expect any property below 300,000 Euros. However, places like Kalkan, Bosphorous, and a few more have some gems costing millions of Euros-but worth the investment. 

Some luxury property is sold as little as 100000Euros, but smart and active investors easily gulp them.

Luxury homes in Istanbul costs a luxury amount with high rental yields. 

How to buy the best luxury real estate for sale near Istanbul?

There are generally three ways of buying Istanbul luxury real estate for sale

  1. Through an Emlak: These people are real estate agents that keep Turkey’s housing market ticking. You get plenty of options to choose from.
  2. Directly from the owner: This is one of the easiest and safest ways to find the best Istanbul luxury real estate for sale. Though it is safe without incurring an extra commission cost, the options are limited.
  3. Through agencies: You can directly contact premium real estate agencies, and they will provide all the information you require.

Final Words

Spotting Istanbul luxury real estate for sale may demand a little time and patience. Make sure you abide by all the Turkish real estate rules and regulations. Amidst the social and political unrest, Turkey is heaven. Therefore, be mindful of the area and then the property you choose to invest in. Investing in luxury real estate is goes beyond money- it’s all about enjoying the best. 

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