Top 5 questions to ask before buying a property for sale in Turkey by owners


Insightful questions to ask before purchasing a property for sale in Turkey by owners

1.      Is the land of this property comes under Conservation Easement?

A conservation easement is a practice of saving the environment that restricts the landowner from cleaning, hunting, or planting. This system is for the wellbeing of the environment, but it prevents you from certain things. For this reason, before you purchase a property for sale in Turkey by owners, ask the seller if the land comes under Conservation Easement. If so, then ask them to point out the area that you can use.

2.      Do I have access to an internet connection?

In today’s world, there is rarely any work that can be executed without internet connectivity. It is very common for the properties to have dead zones with no internet connection as the previous owner didn’t bother to have it. Before you buy a property for sale in Turkey by owners, make sure to ask this question if an internet connection matters.

3.      Where are the boundaries? Are they appropriately marked?

While buying a property in Turkey, you must ask the owner about a permanent boundary. If you mistakenly plant a tree on land that is not entitled to your property, you may have to face lawsuits. Hence to keep unwanted hazards at bay, ask the seller to mark the boundaries of the very property. However, you can let experienced real estate agents to handle the matter with expert hands.

4.      How is the water drainage system?

A wicked water drainage system can ruin your house in the future, hence be careful with the plumbing system of the property. Ask the seller if the water drainage system works properly or not. If not, take immediate steps and repair it. Several houses remain wet throughout the year due to poor plumbing systems. Such messes generate mold. Therefore, before considering Turkish village houses for sale, clear your doubt regarding this matter.

5.      Why are you selling this house?

Before you pay for the property, ask the seller why he is selling this property! This is to verify an authentic reason behind the process. If the seller is unable to give you a satisfactory answer, then there are chances for the property to have some hidden issues that the seller is trying to hide. In such cases, it would be wise to leave that property. You should always buy property for sale in Turkey by owners having a validated background. Therefore, the reason for selling the house plays an important role for sure.

In the end, it is you who will invest a lump sum amount for the property. Hence, ask the above questions to clear all your doubts before giving your words. Once you sign the deal, there will be no option to rewind the actions but to accept the agreement. Therefore, buy property for sale in Turkey by owners after getting satisfactory answers for the above questions.

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