What Should You Look For When Buying A Second-Hand Property In Antalya?


Resale properties are economically viable options when you are planning to settle in Antalya. There are a lots of factors to consider, like depreciation, age of the property, the definite final cost of the asset, etc. before making the final decision. You will be charmed by the blue coast and golden beaches of majestic Antalya. Let’s get down and find out some important information about second-hand property in Antalya.

Residence Permit Required For Buying Second-Hand Property In Antalya

Non-Turkish buyers must obtain a residency certificate from the competent authority for their property purchase. They should also have a National Tax ID number available free from the local tax department in Antalya.

Building Approval Certificate For Best Second Hand Property In Antalya

The laws for property purchase in Antalya are quite strict. So, you have decided to buy a cheap property for sale in Antalya you should have a building completion certificate. The building completion certificate contains important details like building plan approval, the blueprint of the resale flat, layout, utilities, and other important documents if you find any discrepancy, contact a lawyer and get things sorted out.

No Objection Certificate Is Required For Second-Hand Property In Antalya

Don’t’ get allured by seeing the c. You must get hold of a NOC (No objection certificate) from competent authorities. This holds especially for mortgage properties in Turkey. You won't a legal owner of a second-hand unit unless you have a NOC issued by banks in case of mortgage properties. So, it will not be a wise purchase, and you can face legal complexities.

Clear Outstanding Dues For Cheap Property For Sale In Antalya

Buying a second-hand property in Antalya is more complicated. You must check whether the owner has cleared outstanding dues. Turkey has many military establishments. So, you must go through the papers and verify whether the lands belong to the military.

Also, when you buy an apartment under construction, make a trip, and clear any issues with the developer. You can also hire a local agent if you are unable to make the visit.

Sign The Contract Papers For Best Second Hand Property In Antalya

Once you have decided on your property purchase and cleared all issues, it's time to sign the contract. It is always advisable to seek legal advice during this process. A reputed developer will present to you all the papers that will contain technical specifications, as well as apartment plans, and a payment plan. Get it checked with your solicitor before proceeding to sign your contract.

Language sometimes becomes a hindrance during property purchase in Antalya. So, make sure that all documents are bilingual and printed in English. Local agents in Turkey also conducts this work on your behalf. In that case, you will need to give them a power of attorney for buying a second-hand property in Antalya.

Bargaining Is Important For Best Second Hand Property In Antalya

Property prices in Antalya vary according to the location and tourist season. So, it’s important to bargain the purchase price with the owner. The price of resale properties in Antalya is much lower compared to other places. So, don’t just accept any price for second-hand property in Antalya.

Take possession of your property after all the dues have been cleared. You will benefit from owning a resale home in Antalya. Soak in the atmosphere of this coastal country and spend an amazing life-embracing Turkish culture.

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