Why Should Invest in Real Estate Istanbul Turkey?


Steady Economic Condition Ideal for Real Estate Istanbul Turkey

Turkey has been witnessing a stable economic growth from the past decade. This has prompted foreign investors to purchase luxury real estate Istanbul Turkey. Istanbul is also considered an ideal holiday destination and an extremely safe city. The government also has a transparent policy and maintains stringent quality standards for property investment.

Turkey has become the modern economic hub providing excellent infrastructure, a dynamic young population, and a safe business climate. Istanbul has attracted the highest number of tourists and is considered the 6th most popular destination in the world.

Citizenship Program Is Suitable for New Turkey Real Estate Istanbul

This is one of the most significant advantages of investing in real estate Istanbul Turkey. Turkey offers a citizenship investment program, also known as The Turkish Investor Program. It's a privileged program that helps you to receive a passport. It enables you to live, work, and easy investment options. The Turkish government announced this program in 2018. To apply for this program, you would need to invest at least $250,000.

Another incentive for investing in real estate projects is the favorable visa regime in Turkey. You don’t need to wait long for visiting Turkey. Property owners can become Turkish residents after only 5 years.

Transparent Policy Great for Real Estate Istanbul Turkey

The procedure for purchasing property is straightforward. You can invest in real estate Istanbul Turkey through a single register. This eliminates any risk for the buyer as the entire procedure is strictly controlled. The main document certifying ownership rights, TAPU, can be issued in several days after verifying all the details.

Cost of Living Is Beneficial For Investing in Luxury Real Estate Istanbul Turkey

The cost of living is quite low in Istanbul compared to large European cities of London, Paris, Rome, and Berlin. Local grocery and transport fares are also quite reasonable. You can also buy local jewelry at stunningly low prices. So, when you invest in new turkey real estate Istanbul, you will earn a favorable ROI.

Excellent Location Ideal for Real Estate Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul straddles between Asia and Europe, which is considered ideal for some visitors. Turkey is a strategic location that is commercially quite viable for Asia, Europe, and Africa. Turkey’s geographical location also makes it ideal for real estate Istanbul Turkey. You can access Istanbul easily via land, sea, or air routes according to your convenience.

Strongest Banking Regulations Ideal for New Turkey Real Estate Istanbul

Turkey has one of the best banking regulations in the world. Moreover, the economy has a strong labor force, which is considered ideal by most investors. Istanbul imposes zero restriction on fund flows, which makes the economy highly liquid. The population is highly skilled, with a high tolerance level for foreigners.

The newly established commercial code has made investing in real estate Istanbul Turkey way simpler. It also meets international standards making the city the best destination for investing and also purchasing a property.

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