A guide to finding the right second-hand property for sale in Istanbul


Thinking of buying a second-hand property for sale in Istanbul but unable to seek proper assistance? Looking out for ways to get hold of the best resale property in the city at a budget fitting cost? Well, it is commonly observed that most people want to have their own house in the Turkish city, Istanbul. It is because most of them want to escape the hassle of shifting their place of living frequently and own a place all for themselves.

However, the process of finding the right second-hand property in Istanbul can be pretty daunting. Thus, it is advised checking with your consulate before making any decision regarding the purchase of any resale property. At first, you need to decide the kind of apartment or house you would like to invest in and connect with a local agent to get hold of related details. It is important to seek help from a reputed real estate agent as he can help you to find the right match out of all the available deals.

Selecting a Real Estate Agent

To interact with the local real estate agents, you need to know Turkish, However, if you do not speak in the local language, you can seek the help of reputed local websites. These websites have a team of professionals who can offer quality service in your preferred language.  These experts usually set up viewing trips with professional advisors who can help you go round the city and shortlist from the list of available second-hand properties for sale.

Short-Listing The Properties

The next step which follows once you have selected a real estate agent is choosing and inspecting potential properties. When inspecting a second-hand property for sale in Istanbul, it is important to note every small detail related to it. Starting from the location to the area around it, your decision must be based on the answer to every question regarding the fact of living there.  It is important to run quick scrutiny and verify all the documents which include the title deed, a copy of water, gas, and electricity bills paid by the last owner and the power of attorney, if applicable. You need to enquire about the age of the structure and know if it is resistant to earthquakes.

Making Choice For A Suitable Neighbourhood

Well, if you look closely, you would notice that the neighbourhood in Istanbul is quite different, changing drastically in terms of price and cost of living. So, it is recommended to take a city tour before investing in a second-hand property for sale in Istanbul. The city tour will help you to determine if you want to own an old apartment on the Asian side of the city or some gorgeous house in an expensive area. However, you need to keep this in mind that affordable properties are mostly available in the outskirts.

Knowing the details of the property

It is very important to know about the background of the said property and seller before investing your time and money in it. After short-listing the properties based on its location and price, you should get the valuation done to know about the current price. Next, you need to check for the age of the structure and also check if there are any pending loans on the said premises from any financial institution.

Dealing with the Paperwork

Once you have selected the second-hand property for sale in Istanbul, you need to deal with the bureaucratic side of it. You can go through the rules and regulations mentioned by the Turkish Government in this regard to gain a clearer picture regarding the purchase of a re-sale property. Well, most people find this entire process quite complex and prefer hiring an expert for seeking necessary guidance. Engaging an expert would allow you to avoid coming in contact with messy situations and smoothly complete the entire process. 

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